Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two words: Potty Training

So I'm back at Weight Watchers again which is awesome because, hey, nothing makes potty training more fun than doing it while on a diet.

Potty training. Blech. I have to tell you, I'm having a lot of trouble committing to the commitment. I know the drill: we need to ditch the diapers and let Owen run around naked so can begin to understand that pee-pee goes in the potty and not on, say, the cat. I'm sure it's an effective system. If you have a yard. Unfortunately we do not have a yard. We have a teeny-weeny apartment full of furniture that is easily stained.

Right now we've pretty much mastered elimination communication, which means I take him to the potty at the usual times (after eating and naps) or when my Spidey sense is activated. (Oh, you just want to sit alone in a corner and not be bothered for 5 minutes?) I still ask if he needs to go, but it's strictly a formality. ("I. Don't. Want. To. Go. To. The. Potty. Mommy.") Mostly I just tell him that it's time to go to the bathroom and that yes, he can bring whatever random toy he's playing with and yes, I know he doesn't want to, but once he's situated with a book he's totally fine. Heck, I have to practically pry him off the can! This technique keeps him dry 80% of the time, but I can't quite commit to full-blown underwearing. I tried it a few days ago. 2 pairs of poopy briefs later I called it quits. While I generally love Big City living, nothing makes me crave the 'burbs more than not having a washing machine. Instead, I have to soak the mess in the sink and let it drip on the shower rod until I have enough dirty clothes (or quarters) to merit a trip to the laundry room. And don't get me started on going outside sans diapers... (Did I mention that almost none of the city's playgrounds have bathrooms?)

Anybody have an effective, nontoxic carpet cleaner?


Missy said...

Nature's Miracle. Takes out stains and odors. We get it at petsmart.

Carlien said...

We are in that unhappy inbetween phase too. Here the problem is that it's winter and just too cold for my daughter to run freely without any clothes on. After one weekend of washing about five sets of underwear, I decided we'd keep the nappies and just keep doing the potty routine. Except that she doesn't want to anymore. Argh.

One encouragement was a friend who told me she refused to train and decided to let each of her kids just start going to the potty themselves. By age three they were all done, and with her last child it was before three, because he was inspired by the older ones.
So I'm just going to keep doing what I am, and try to be un-stressed about it :)