Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Potty training + dieting = goooood times

Day 4 of potty training. To my treMENdous surprise, it's not actually that bad. We've only had one accident each day which seems pretty darn impressive, considering A) he just turned 2 1/2, and B) he's a he. (Supposedly girls are easier. Fewer options.) Not that he could really forget. "Do you need to potty? Want to potty? Let's go potty! Remember, pee-pee only goes in the potty. Have to potty? Why don't we sit on the potty? I think I have to go to the potty. Want to go with me?" Sometimes I don't even ask - I just plop him on the toilet if the moment feels right. While this keeps my house pee-pee-free, I can't actually tell if he's learning anything. The few times he did escape the potty, he didn't seem to faze him that his tush was stewing in grossness. (Seems like something you'd notice, but I'm not 2 1/2.) Still, it takes 21 days to make a habit so I figure if I just keep providing the toilet and the reminders, his brain will eventually put it together.

I'm sure I will rue the day I typed this, but so far the Terrible Twos are pretty freaking great. I should state for the record that I have a really easy kid. He may not be a sleeper (hello, 5:15 am) but that's an acceptable price to pay when the waking hours are this cool. I've been witness to some serious toddler fury (I'm talking to you, nursery school classmate who routinely screams, "SHUT UP! I HATE YOU!" at children and adults) and so far Owen seems immune. His biggest source of frustration is his tricycle, which is just a little too hard to navigate in our bite-sized apartment. (I know how you feel, kid.) Our living situation is like a game of Jenga - one thing moves and it all falls apart. I'm still hoping we'll win the HGTV Green Home. Or a trip to Sesame Place. I enter a lot of contests.

Did I mention that I've stopped eating meat? No major reason really. I've always been snobby about my meat choices (no factory farms) but I was reading an article about a farm school for professional chefs where they go and learn how to slaughter. And while it was clear that the farmers were very caring and conscientious toward their animals, it still provided a pretty gristly mental picture. I still cook meat for Matt and Owen which makes things a little hectic come meal time, and I can't say it makes the diet any easier (cheese! All I want is cheese!) but I'm doing it.

At least until Thanksgiving.

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