Sunday, June 13, 2010

I can't stop reading about Kyron Horman

I can't stop following the story of Kyron Horman, the 2nd grader who disappeared in Portland a week ago. For those who haven't been obsessively Googling, the boy disappeared from school during a science fair and hasn't been seen since. Nobody saw anything. The parents don't appear to be suspects. He was 150 feet from his classroom and now he's gone.

It's not that I want to know the outcome. (After 10 days, it's unlikely to be a happy one.) But I need to understand how a child can just go away. I know it's ridiculous - I know that terrible, terrible things happen and understanding, say, cancer does not protect you from getting it. But I can't stop reading every article, every comment, hoping to figure out what went wrong so that I can somehow, magically, guarantee my own child's safety.

I have to keep reminding myself that these stories are the exception which is why they're in the news. Now excuse me while I go hug my kid.

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