Monday, May 31, 2010

Or I could buy a summer home

It's not that I hate rich people. I've known some very kind, generous souls who could have bought and sold me before breakfast. But sometimes I stumble across something so extravagant, so stinky with money, that I feel compelled to yawp.

Something like this.

For those who simply can't live without an in-home DJ booth, "Sandcastle Estate" features 12 bedrooms (and 12 1/2 baths), an elevator, a 10 seat theater, a rock climbing wall, virtual golf, 2 lane bowling alley, full bar and disco, spa, full gym & steam room - and 31,000 square feet of living space - all for only $49,500,000.00.

Ready to cut a check? Sweet!

Don't bother grabbing your calculator - I've already done the math. That averages out to a montly payment of approximately $348,996. With our current income it'd take us 6 years to make one month's rent. While that seems totally feasible, I started to wonder what else $49,500,000.00 would buy. So I made a list.

1. A zoo in the UK. (Includes all animals and a cafe!) $797,940
2. A place for Grandma to stay when she comes to visit $2,350,000
3. Can't forget Grandpa! $1,559,000
4. Why not throw in a summer place? $1,995,000
5. Housekeeper $30,000
6. Tasting menu at Per Se $550
7. Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns $220
8. A week at Mohonk Mountain House for 10 of my closest friends, including daily spa sessions $27,020
9. Action Comics 1 $440,000
10. Every item in the Anthropologie catalog (500 items at roughly $100 each) $5,000
11. A house from Habitat for Humanity $70,000
12. Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie $2.50
13. iPad (so Matt will stop honking about it) $700
14. Kindergarten through graduation at The Calhoun School $153,000
15. Ivy league education (@ $40,000 per year) $160,000
16. A school in Haiti $60,000
17. A 1940's Ford pickup $14,995
18. Health insurance for every unemployed New Yorker for 1 full year $8,794,440
19. Lifetime supply of Le Pens $300
20. Vintage Cartier watch $855
21. A My Little Pony $14.99
22. 1st edition Franny and Zooey $950
23. $200,000 a year for the 50 years $10 million

And I'd still have $23,067,033.51. Again I say, sweet.

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Colleen said...

I loved seeing Owen's My Little Pony on the same list as such lofty things as his Ivy League education and health insurance for all the unemployed in NYC. What a terrific list!

But seriously, it does put things into perspective when you see how (relatively) little it would cost to build a school in Haiti--still way beyond my means, but when I was in Park City last summer I saw people drop that much in about five minutes of shopping. Amazing.