Sunday, May 30, 2010

Forgive me. I've had a margarita.

Happy long, luxurious weekend! The city always empties out over Memorial Day which makes for some much needed breathing room. Who needs the Berkshires or Cape Cod or Mohonk Mountain House? We've got a half-empty Toys R Us! (If you've ever tried to maneuver an economy-sized box of Pampers through a horde of dazed European tourists, you'll understand my relief.) We were even able to get a seat at the $3 margarita place which is practically an urban miracle.

After Owen had his morning grump (at 2.6 years, I thought we'd managed to avoid the Terrible Twos. Then came the shouting. And the hitting. And the furious, nonsensical crying. Once he's awake he's my regular sweetheart but man, that first 30 minutes is rough. If there is milk to be spilt or toys to be thrown, my boy is on it. Did I mention that he's still not sleeping past 6 am?) we headed to the pool and tried to ignore the 68-story building that's going up across the street. I'm sure it's amazing to live that high up but all I can think is, that's 68 floors of people waiting for the elevator. How aggravating must that ride get after a long day bilking grannies? (Or whatever it is you do to afford a penthouse in the sky.)

And how was your weekend?

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