Monday, September 21, 2009


Yes. Back. Hi.

Can we take a moment to discuss the deliciousness of grandparents? Having a second set of eyes/hands to cover the blur of frizz that is my toddler at 21 months? Even though I'm with the kid practically 24/7, it amazes me how little of it is spent actually playing with him. The bulk of my day is spent washing dishes, picking up toys, and finding creative ways to say no. Having someone else around who actually enjoys coloring for hours on end makes a huge difference. Still, moving back to Kansas just isn't an option. (Our life is here. Plus I still haven't eaten at Gramercy Tavern or walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.) We won't discuss how sad it is that my parents only get to see Owen a few times a year or the bedbug infestation that is taking over our building or the gaggle of quasi-terrorists they rounded up Queens or the fact that we're contemplating raising a second child in a one-bedroom apartment. Our life is here. And for the most part it's good. (As long as I don't have to color. I'm not alone in this, right?)

In other news, 3 more months until the Dreaded-Dreaded. I can't believe my kid is almost 2! But there are signs...

He's getting KNUCKLES.

I actually wailed when I discovered it last night. The loss of those chubby little dimples kills me. Bye-bye baby chins. See ya, chompable thighs. He's edging into certifiable kid territory. Luckily, aside from a penchant for limits testing (if you've read "Harold and the Purple Crayon" you have an idea of what life is like around these parts now that Crayola has been introduced) and a deeply held vegetable aversion, he's still awfully sweet. In class yesterday one of the dads mentioned Owen's consistently sunny disposition, and it's true. He's rarely grumpy or full of rage, although he has an inCREDibly short fuse. (Just like his mama!) He generally likes to share although there's been a marked increase in the use of the word "mine". (School is teaching him that being generous often means getting the short end of the stick. Or the fire truck. Or the blocks.) But all in all I feel lucky - scratch that: amazed - that a child of mine is so happy. Please God, let it hold through the teen years....

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