Thursday, September 24, 2009


I dislike 6 am. I think I have clearly established that. But there is one thing that makes waking up (if not actually getting up) signiiiiiiificantly sweeter:

"Mama! EYES! Mama is EYES! Guy! Sit! Car! EYES!"

That high-pitched baby voice running though his favorite new words, putting together tentative sentences, so pleased with himself? Earth-shatteringly cute. It takes a lot to get me to smile before the sun comes up but c'mon, I'm not made of stone.

In other news, Owen's in school now. I guess it's not so much "school" as "vaguely controlled chaos" but it's nice to see him cavorting with other kids. I just read an article about the country's most expensive pre-K programs; most of them run upwards of $20,000 per year. For pre-school. I barely remember pre-school. It got me thinking - is school at this age even really necessary? Couldn't a nurturing home/active social life be enough? Owen loves his class so I'm feeling rah-rah about early education but $20K...

If you had that kind of scratch lying around would you spend it on preschool? Or would you tell your kid to suck it and just buy a really awesome boat?


Tor said...

Wow look at that language explosion!
Well done! Very impressed!
(hasn't really happened that much here yet)

So how often is Owen in school?

I have Z on a daycare waiting list for one morning a week once he's 2 (I can't afford 2 mornings). I am really struggling to keep him actively entertained and socialised without me either being exhausted or losing my mind, but also feel guilty about wanting a break by putting him in care when I am supposed to be a SAHM, and nervous about handing him off to others.

Does it have to be all-or-nothing for the $20k+ pre-K or can it be part time? Or does the price tag assume 2 working parents to afford it so therefore must be full time?
Is part-time care the best of both worlds, or does it just mean I am a slacker of a SAHM?

Missy said...

I would probably save it for college in all honesty.