Sunday, May 24, 2009

If I were a vegan we'd be doomed

Foods my son will not eat:

- Any fruit except bananas, apples, and (occasionally) mango

- Pasta (no spaghetti, ravioli, mac & cheese... Are we sure this kid's mine?)

- Carrots, unless kept warm, which gets annoying quick

- Tofu (okay, not entirely surprising)

- Soup

- Cottage cheese, plain or sweetened (see: fruit)

Foods my son loves:

- Meat (if I would just allow him to go on an all-meat diet there'd never be a problem at dinner time)

- Soy meat (now verboten in our house, which kills me)

- Fish (detecting a theme?)

- Cauliflower

- Crackers (if I won't go for the meat diet, he'll settle for an all-cracker one)

- Plain yogurt with flax oil, agave, and wheat germ (score!) but only if he can dip nonsensical food items into it. (Soy sausage? Sweet potatoes? Check and check.)

What won't your kids eat? And did they all drop food on the floor while grinning like scoundrels? Because god knows I love that.


Tor said...

My boy is kinda the opposite, and just as frustrating.

Here is the list of the only food my son will (usually) eat:
steamed rice, rice cakes & rice crackers, risotto
pasta (no sauce, so he can use his hands)
cherry tomatoes (but not regular tomato)
chicken chippees, popcorn chicken
hot chips/fries
grilled salmon
That's it. That's all he will eat.

No milk (tho he will have formula but ONLY if its in a bottle), no yoghurt, no cereals (never would, never ate baby purees either), no meats, no chook or fish in any other way than on the list, no egg, no other fruits, no veges besides the odd bean or maybe a single bite of carrot, no pumpkin or potato (besides chips), no other fruit, no bread or toast or sandwiches etc, no desserts like jelly or icecream.

And even if you only give him a small serve of only foods from his list, at least half of it goes on the floor to the cats.
The whole eating thing has been a problem with him from birth and drives me friggin nuts!

Bern said...

Sounds like he likes to dip. Can you give him fruit to dip into yogurt? At any rate just keep offering the food. He'll try it eventually. Is he interested in your food when he sees you eating it?

Ali said...

Tor, you totally made my day. ("That's it. That's all he will eat.") I feel you, sista.

B, the dipping is a good idea. The trouble I foresee is that it's not getting the food into his mouth - it's once it's IN that he goes all squeamish. Like if I put strawberries in yogurt, he'll suck off the yogurt and bleegh the fruit all over his bib. But I'll keep trying. And trying and trying...

Tor said...

I try dipping every now and then, never with success. It always ends up as fingerpainting or foodstamping. Never any eating involved cos making a mess is much more fun. Cheeky lil bugger.

EBPitcher said...

I'm with you, Ali! My son won't touch pasta, not even teeny tiny pasta. What kid doesn't like mac n cheese? It's wrong, I tell ya! He loves cheese, though. It's at the top of his food chain!

Tor said...

So Ali, if between our kids they get a complete, varied and balanced diet, thats gotta count for something right?

And the way kids go, in 2 months everything they eat now will be what they refuse then, and vice versa. Just to keep us on our toes.

I have heard that u should look at the variety of what a toddler eats over the week, not day or meal, to see that they are getting enough variety. Do you think over the YEAR could count too?

...Sharon said...

What, no one told you about the Cody-family drop cloths?

salshoes said...

phoebe's first food love was the stuffed polish meat, affectionately known to here as "basa."