Sunday, May 17, 2009


Before I get to the cookie recipe, allow me to bore you with talk of my latest dental appointment. First off, trying to find a dentist off the internet? Nervewracking. That said, I found a winner. And man, upscale dental offices in New York City do not disappoint. Instead of the usual "bite on this", for X-rays I stood and in the middle of this thing that circled my head, then the images were downloaded onto a Mac and projected onto a flat screen above the dental chair. Even more space age? No doctor exam. The COMPUTER tells them if there are cavities. The doctor did a cursory exam after the cleaning but mostly she was there to answer questions. (And, you know, do surgery.) Long story - I'll be getting fancy teeth next month. Nervous about it, mostly due to my still-unresolved-even-after-epidural fear of needles. I haven't had a novocaine shot since... ever. I always had to be put under, even to get a cavity filled, but I hear they hurt. (SHOTS! IN THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH!) This doctor was noted for her pain management techniques and promised to use a numbing gel first, so that should help, right? (Right?) The office also offers something called "The Wand" which sounds like a sex toy but is apparently some Star Trekian injectable that is completely pain-free. Of course, pain-free costs more.

Oh, the cost. Can't quite bring myself to think about it...

In other news, got the results from the boy's Early Intervention. Looks like he's behind, but not behind enough. Would have been helpful if they'd included some DIY exercises or something but it looks like we're on our own. But a friend made a good point about all this intervention: "Unless there's a physical problem, everybody eventually learns to walk. What are they afraid will happen?"


I'm not sure why we're all so quick to offer aid. The doctors, the city, me - we're all like, YOU SHOULD BE WALKING BETTER! But why? There's no physical issue, no loss of muscle. Even if he loses muscle, so what? People with mono are bedridden for a month and they rebuild strength. What's the big deal? Why are we so pushy? Speaking of pushing children before they're ready, there was a great article in the NYT about how Kindergarten has changed since we attended. (One word: Homework.) Speaking of children - sorry, it's late and I'm fond of tangents - I've decided that I take umbrage at the phrase "Stay-At-Home Mother". While the words may be accurate, the implication behind them is not. There's a sense of laziness, of lounging, in the "Stay-At-Home" bit that bears no resemblance to any parent I know. I was listening to an interview with the actor Jason Segal on a Fresh Air podcast (iTunes that thing! I've never been a fan, but dude was really funny) and when he was asked what his parents did he said that his father was a lawyer and his mother "raised us". Now that I like. It sounds proactive and worthwhile. I battle daily with the guilt of not contributing financially and being dubbed a SAHM just feeds the feelings of inadequacy. From now on I'm "raising our child"! (Anybody else hate SAHM? Just me?)

Bed time, but before I forget:


For the record:

A) this website is amazing, and
B) if you go to her SEARCH and type in "cookies", she has a new chocolate chip recipe about 5 cookies down that looks even better than this one. But this one is pretty damn awesome.

(Did anyone catch the Real Housewives reunion? Talk to me.)


EBPitcher said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The recipe looks really good!

Don't worry that the boy isn't walking everywhere, yet. It's not like he'll want to walk when you want him to, anyway. Mine's been walking for 3 months and he still refuses at times and wants to be carried. Then he'll learn to run...

elisava said...

i hear you on the SAHM thing, although i don't have a better solution or "label". with two kiddos, preschool, playdates, shopping, my weekend jobby job, it seems i do everything BUT stay at home (except at baby naptime- then we're like TRAPPED here).
i had a great deal more "down-time" in the house when i was childess and working 40 to 60 hours a week.
and again, please don't worry about the walking thing. in a couple months, you're gonna be like, i can't believe i was so worried about that!

Korbs said...

Hi Alisha -

Okay, two comments: one, my friend Sarma also had Early Intervention because her second child did not walk "on time"; about two weeks after all the meetings and stuff were over and they found no physical problems, her son got up and took off. I'm sure everything will be fine!

Numero dos, I prefer Heather B. Armstrong's definition of SAHM, go check it out, I think it's on her "about" page:

Tor said...

OMG I have been lost on that recipe site for hours, mouth watering. I think I am gonna try something from there today, the only question is what? And that's a tough qn they all look so good!

I agree that "raising kids" is much better description. It puts the focus on what you are actually doing, rather than what you are not (staying at home). Not that I feel I am doing very well on the raising or the home front atm. Maybe some warm homemade cookies will help.

Bern said...

Yes, homework in kindergarten and tests and grades in 1st grade. My oldest has 3 tests a week in first grade. I'm not sure what those are supposed to achieve...luckily she can handle it, but I wonder about some of the other kids. Are we setting them up to fail?