Monday, August 4, 2008

I am a connoisseur of thrift

You can't put a price on that view
But if I could, I would

I've developed something of a wandering eye lately. Not for men - for stuff. Living in a city where everything is at your fingertips makes one feel a touch grabby. It's hard not to covet thy neighbors Bugaboo, especially when that Bugaboo comes with a sunshade. (God how I want a sunshade.) Sadly, the bedbug epidemic has taken away my secondhand shopping (bye-bye Housing Works. So long, Craigslist) but that hasn't stopped me from trying to get something for next-to-nothing. I recently discovered that you can buy formula coupons - the ones you get sent and never use - on Ebay. If the child is napping I can usually snipe a decent deal which allows me to feel both thrifty and mercenary. I'm also a huge fan of asking people for their old stuff. Exersaucers, co-sleepers (thanks, Missy!), clothes... Hell, a friend is giving me her couch! Don't Ask, Don't Get is my motto. (BTW, anybody got any old board books clogging their closets? I'd be happy to pay for shipping. I don't care if they're chewed; what's a little baby spit between friends? While I'm at it, I'm also on the hunt for a baby gate.) I'm also a fan of buying in bulk. I've got 48 rolls of toilet paper if anybody needs to pee.

What do you all do to take a bite out of costs? I tried to make homemade baby food but it was a big bust. (Maybe he was grimacing from deliciousness?) If you have suggestions for cheap diapers*, I'm all ears.

*I'd love to do the cute, cuuuuute BumGeniuses that Hatchet recommended but the lack of a conveniently located (non-coin operated) washer and drier overrides their adorableness.

Lest I gave the impression of being uppity, I should have mentioned yesterday that my fancy new 'do was done at the Aveda Institute (read: school) by a non-accredited stylist (read: student). She done good, though.


jessica star said...

I'm a hoarder, not a thrifter. So I'm totally on board with buying in bulk, but for completely different reasons.

Jen said... is a good one to check. Guess they don't really have yard sales in the big city, do they? Maybe front step sales? Hallway sales? Elevator sales?

Ali said...

Alas, the bedbug epidemic puts a kibosh on all that. Which is a shame because I LIVE for those things.

Missy said...

OK, so when I come to visit next year I am totally bringing a sleeping bag that I will throw away when I am done. Eeewww!

I may have some board books to pass on. I will check the stash.

filthEdesign said...

my husband finally talked me into buying the 12 pack of double rolls at supertarget :)

i'm not organized enough to buy in bulk or too far in advance - i'll forget i have it or where i put it and then it's just a waste :)

we are less thrift and more clearance...we'll "window shop" for months until something goes on sale...and sometimes then we'll window shop the sales for months until it goes on clearance :)

without freecycle and craigslist - options are indeed limited!

Allen said... sells bulk diaps

Missy said...

Hey Jeff thinks we may have a gate too. Again we will check the archives and let you know. I will likely have to sanitize it since it haas been in our attic for God knows how long.

Colleen said...

Love your blog! My one attempt at homemade baby food was a failure. But luckily, my kids hated baby food. They would only eat if it came off my plate or looked like real people food. We would just mush their's up a little, steam the veggies longer, soak hard bread in broth, shred the meat with a fork. Worked pretty well.