Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The glass ceiling retracts in the summer

If you squint you can see a teensy baby pool under the trees

I think the kid is mustering up to ask for something because he is breaking out the serious cutes these days. 7 months is a pretty great age. He's perfecting comedy (I'm teaching him to hold for laughs) and practicing kisses in his sleep (all he needs is a pillow and a picture of Julian Lennon and he's me in 6th grade). Yesterday I took him to the pool for the first time and it was as big a hit as you'd expect a place with lights and water and tons of admirers to be. The 2nd floor has a fantastic spa area - one I rarely visit, due to the whole "bathing suit" thing - but yesterday I sucked it up (and in) so the kid could try something new. A lifeguard filled up the baby pool so that nubbin could splash about and Will played happily for about 5 minutes before becoming fixated on an excessively fit man in bright blue Speedos doing sit ups. Still, a nice time had.

In other news:

It seems like the boy's got fifteen teeth coming in at the same time. There is much crying and gumming of the lips like a little old man. We used to be able to rock him until drowsy (drooooooowsy) but awake. Not no more. Even if he's fast asleep - FAST ASLEEP! - he still pops up at least once or twice. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour and a half (I'm talking to you, this morning's nap) to get Will down these days. He woke up weeping at 3 am and somebody (I'm not saying who) made their husband deal with it even though he wakes up at 5 am to go to work. (When I'm half-asleep I'm barely human, I swear.) Eventually Will ended in our bed which was fascinating (MAMA! Did you know that the bed is in a whole new room?! Did you know? Did you? Did you know that?) but eventually he settled down and slept until - wait for it - 6:30 am.


With that, I'm off to shop for baby swim trunks. I'm talking to you, Old Navy clearance rack.


Jennifer said...

Ahhhh, that used to be my pool. I miss it.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Ouch! I'm tired just reading that.