Sunday, August 3, 2008

(On a totally unrelated note, Matt just told me about that psycho on the bus in Canada and I am freaking. the eff. out.)

Sorry no bloggy. We've been renovating our place (meaning we've moved some stuff around) and I am wiped, peeps. The living room is now our bedroom (and our living room) and our bedroom is now the boy's room which seems a little ridiculous but kiddo was days away from pulling himself up in the crib and sharing a room with an overexcited puller-upper seemed like seven different kinds of sleepless. The move was exhausting (so much sweeping and pointing!) but I think the place will come together. Eventually.

Here's the problem - we have all this stuff that the boy has outgrown (Bumbo seats that squish chubby thighs, infant rockers that are too small for chubby bodies) but I don't want to get rid of them in case we are somehow able to have/adopt another kid. This wouldn't be a problem if we had a basement, but we don't. We barely have a closet. (That's a total lie; we have 3 closets.) Still, between the toilet paper I insist on buying in bulk (it's so much cheaper!) and the suitcases that seem to breed, storing an Exersaucer is no mean feat. (We just borrowed one from a neighbor. WHERE HAS THIS THING BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!)

I was going somewhere with this... (I've had a glass of wine.)

ANYWAY, did I mention that I dyed my hair? I can't believe it either. I'm not sure what came over me. Actually, I'm completely sure what came over me - a total case of the frumps. Ever since I had Will I've felt decidedly dowdy. Between the baby belly and the recession (I used to be a Banana Republic girl. These days it's Old Navy sale rack all the way) I've become a bit of a sad sack. I was getting my hair trimmed, the stylist was enviably pretty, I was in SoHo... it seemed like the thing to do. I've traded in my strawberry blond locks for something a bit spicier - a deep, auburn-y red that maybe, just maybe, looks pretty damn cool. (Or as my husband put it: "You look urban!") I'll try to get a picture up.

Better hit the hay before the kid rouses. He's got two more teeth that are breaking through which makes for one cranky, grouched out babe. But cute! So cute!


Valerie said...

Must have picture asap!

Jezer said...

I would love to look urban, but I'm stuck in Texas.

Yeah, that Canadian bus thing is all kinds of bad and wrong and scary. I mean, the hell?

pursuedbyabear said...

Dude. I just dyed my hair yesterday too. But not by a hotty in So Ho, CA suburb life style in the bathroom at 8am with a box of "echo friendly" hair dye. That's right you heard me.

Allen said...

didn't mean to imply you were hoity, just that I am, as always, envious of life in NYC. ;)

Allen said...

oops- I'm using my stepdad's computer- it's not Allen, it's me : pursued. Aimée