Thursday, July 31, 2008

Queen Amidala, anyone?

I walked past Natalie Portman yesterday and peeps, chicka is weensy. She barely hit my shoulder and I'm just edging in on 5'4". You really could carry her in the palm of your hand! (High-five, Project Runway!) She was surprisingly nondescript - most of the celebs I've run into fail miserably in that department. (Turns out, wearing sunglasses indoors doesn't make you invisible.) I honestly wouldn't have looked twice except that she was laughing at something on her iPod. Considering I'd just bombed two auditions, seeing her was a nice reminder that everybody sucks occasionally.

Favorite sightings:

Gabriel Byrne (Never gave him a second thought onscreen, but walking down the street in a fedora and a trench? Wowza.)

Sting (Worked an event where he was the featured performer. Watched him rehearse and perform 10 feet away. And he. is. stunning.)

Annabella Sciorra (Acted opposite her when she auditioned for a Terrance McNally play. Next to Sting, the sexiest person I've ever encountered. Who knew?)

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effective nancy said...

On Natalie's iPod? It was the Shins. They changed her life.