Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Put! The cigarette! Down!

So according to the rags (or as I like to call them, "the news") Britney is spending $22 G's a month to get herself in shape. That's right - $22,000. A month.

First of all, I would never spend money on something as ridiculous as that. And second of all, who am I kidding? I totally would. If I'd paid off all my debt and set my family up for life and donated to every charity and traveled the world and ended global warming and still had twenty thou to throw away? Please. If it meant I could pull off a white bikini, hells to the y-e-s.

So give. What would you spend $22,000 on every month? No debt, no charity (we know you'd cure cancer first). This is pure fantasyland, peeps. If we can't be self-indulgent in real life, we can at least pretend.


ktbuffy said...

Wow. That's a tough one. It wouldn't necessarily be travel, because I'd want to spend some time at home, too. I'm not as obsessive to say it would be shopping, although I would happily put some of it towards new clothes and shoes. Maybe spa time -- massages and pedicures and all-around pampering, but I still can't imagine $22,000 of that a month.

Some combination of all of the above, I guess.

pursuedbyabear said...

Luxury trip to Africa.

Missy said... I would say I would spend it on maintentance for my own private jet or whatever kind of airplane 22,000 will get me. Realize of course that I am facing yet another 7 hour drive in the car. This would be my fourth such drive in a weeks time. So next week I might say something else.

filthEdesign said...

assuming all obligations are paid for/taken care of - i'd travel...i'd stay at hostels and eat once a day so that the money would last and i could travel the world :)

Jen said...

A housecleaner first of all. One who vacuums under the couch. Weekly. Then massages three times a week. A VW Golf TDI and the fuel to fill it. Maybe a cook. A bunch into the college fund for the little guy, as well as paying for really good schools until college. Oh, and that 8-DVDs-monthly plan from Netflix.