Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm really going to have to do this, right?

Halfway through week 36 - which is pretty much like week 35 but with more exhaustion.

- On Tuesday I have my first internal exam to check for dilation. Rumor has it the procedure is less than pleasant. Any discussion that ends with my doc saying "Don't be surprised if you bleed" gives me pause.

- Started the nesting process yesterday which ended with me sitting in the middle of the bedroom weeping into baby clothes. Between a generous grandma, my former charge's hand-me-downs, and the sale rack at Baby Gap, this kid is swimming in clothing. Even after I weeded through and only kept my faves, his dresser is still completely filled. And that's just the 0-3 month stuff.

Kimono tops, snap bottom one-pieces, footed onesies, two-piece outfits... Seriously, how many does a kid need?! (Seriously. How many does a kid need?)

- I'm heading out this weekend to buy the last-minute essentials that haven't made it off the baby registry. Of course defining "essentials" is tough for a first-timer. (Do I need breast milk storage bags? Should I hold off on a pump? Do I go with the Boppy or the My Breast Friend? Should I go for a swing or a bouncy seat? Do I need a stroller right now or can I get away with a sling? What's the best mat for tummy time? What the hell is tummy time?) I was hoping to get most of this stuff off of Craigslist but because of the bedbug epidemic plaguing NYC, the city is warning people not to buy anything secondhand. Which bites financially and environmentally but after seeing what a friend of mine is going through (she's infested with the little buggers; unfortunately the only thing that kills them is DDT which was outlawed in 1972) I ain't taking any chances.

- According to my last sonogram, Possum weighs in at a hearty 6 lbs, 2 oz. (But according to the doc, he's probably closer to 5 lbs, 5 oz. which is muuuuuch better.) I'm growing increasingly nervous about how little this guy sleeps. During the sonogram the doctor was like, "Wow, he is one active baby". AND I COULDN'T EVEN FEEL HIM! I feel this kid all the time! I assumed he was out cold! Man, if he's awake and I can't feel him... He has to sleep sometimes, right?



Doyce said...

Boppy is in the mail. Do not Buy.

Umm... Surprise!

Ali said...

In the immortal words of your gorgeous fiancee: WOOT!