Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How about a coupon for a free prenatal massage?

I was out and about yesterday when I noticed a new business offering something so unusual, so over-the-top, so perfect for a sore, overtired pregnant lady that I had to stop. There, etched in the glass, were these glorious words:


Jumpin' Jehosaphats, foot rubs and naps! Okay, yes, booking an appointment for sleep does seem a touch high-maintenance but if you combine it with a foot rub, suddenly the brilliance shines through. Still, the thought of paying to take a nap smacks against my deep-rooted Midwestern frugality. I mean if somebody offered me a coupon or something...

When all is said and done, doesn’t it seem like many of life’s disturbances can be solved with a good nap? Staying balanced is essential to YELO, a sanctuary designed to help urbanites deal with the pressures of modern life through a unique combination of sleep and reflexology therapies. If the existence of such a place doesn’t put your mind at ease, then maybe this offer will: TONY e-newsletter subscribers can get $10 off any reflexology treatment at YELO.
I think I have to go.

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Risa said...

Good for people to know.