Monday, November 19, 2007

Screw bottles - baby needs THIS!

Eco-Maids in Manhattan Do you ever wish you could live in a five-star hotel – with the thoughtful amenities, turndown service and general spotlessness? Not to mention the staff whose job it is to make your life easier. The idea is almost enough to make you skip the PTA meeting and book a room at the Ritz.

Before you do anything hasty, consider Zen Home Cleaning. Their housekeepers will scrub your apartment from top to bottom – using non-toxic, environmentally friendly products no less. They also burn essential oils while they work. So you're left with air that's fresh and sweet – not suffused with deadly chemicals. And here's the kicker: Upon each visit, they'll change and turn down the sheets, spritz them with chamomile and lavender mist and leave an organic chocolate bar on the pillow.

Now you're just a few 400-thread count linens away from living the high life.

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Ummm - I hope they paid you for this post. Or, at the very least, offered you a complimentary visit. Cuz if this ain't good advertising, I don't know what is.