Monday, June 11, 2012

Who needs a vacation when you've got summer activities?

Quick: I need a list of summer activities I can do with my 4-year-old that don't require:

A) money*
B) a car, or
C) me pretending to be a superhero, jedi, monster, cat, melting ice cube, bird, or pencil**

To save you time, here are things I've already got planned:

- The Met (Educational! Plus, mummies!) 
- Central Park
- The library (I'm still a little squicked out about the potential for bed bugs, though)
- Possibly Coney Island, although the last time I was there I saw a pair of underwear floating in the water

Any other ideas for Camp Mommy? Because I've got three solid months to fill. 

*It can cost a little money, but none of that "Hey, why not go to the Intrepid? That place is fun!" Because while the Intrepid is awesome and totally worth a visit if you're new in town, it's also gonna cost me $32 to get in, plus an extra god-knows-how-much once my son makes a beeline for the gift shop. You try saying no to a 4-year-old who's convinced that his life will not be complete without a packet of freeze dried ice cream. Just try. No, go ahead. I'm watching.

** So far I have been all of the above, and school has only been out for 3 days.

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