Monday, June 18, 2012

The one where I dislike rich kids.

I just read the most fantastic post on UrbanBaby. And by "fantastic" I mean "please let me punch this woman in the face." A lady of a Certain Income expressed some curiosity about summer camp - specifically whether or not they offer financial aid. You see, there's a boy at her son's private school who receives full financial aid. This boy is also going to be attending the same overnight camp as her son, which is fine - no really, it's fine! - but she can't see how he affords it because it costs $20,000.


I realize that New York City is full of rich folks and that people spend way more than $20K on stuff that's a lot stupider than summer camp, but come on - that's $1,429 a day. A day, peeps. A day.

I wish she had mentioned the name of the camp because I, for one, am dying to know what that kind of money gets a kid these days. Does Rachael Ray pop by to make chocolate chip pancakes? Are the s'mores made of mystic leprechaun gold? Because otherwise I want my damn money back.

Camp Mommy may not offer much in the way of water polo (fancy camps offer it. I checked) but it will have something. Something really - okay, moderately - good. My goal: Maximum awesomeness. Minimal cost.

Here goes...

Camp Mommy: Day 1

- Trip to Toys R Us to exchange some stuff for store credit. Exciting total: $34.00! Unfortunately, my boy found a Red Hulk action figure that he could not. live. without. Still, we're ahead $19, or roughly the cost of a dinner roll at Camp Fancy. Why yes I will take that undeserved sense of accomplishment, thank you!

- Impromptu picnic at playground. Preschool buddies + leftover pizza = lots of excitable screaming and only one fatigue-induced meltdown.

Total expense: $0.

Tomorrow: Who needs ponies when you've got splatter paint?


Missy said...

Somewhere I have a cool painting with bubbles activity instructions. I have a good play dough recipe too. I just need to dig in the archives and send it your way.

Missy said...

If you aren't afraid of sand, getting a medium-to large sized tub and filling it with play sand from Toys R us and let him go to town with action figures, or other small toys in the tray. If you have some little rocks or those small glass stones (we always call them dragon tears) to put in there too. If you don't want to do sand, fill the tote with dry rice or beans. The play sand is pretty cheap around here, I usually get a 50 lb bag for about $5-6.