Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm pretty sure our son thinks Valentine's Day is a celebration of his cat.

Valentine's Day seems like it should be right up my alley. It celebrates love. Chocolate usually makes an appearance. But as on New Year's Eve and the 4th of July, I generally find myself shrugging at the hubbub. Even when I was single, it felt like no big deal. I never went around bemoaning "Black Tuesday" (or in this case, "Black Saturday") or freaking out that I didn't have a date. (Although come to think of it, my first date with Matt was on Valentine's Day. 18 years ago. Jeebus. But neither of us realized what day it was when he asked me out so it doesn't really count.)

Anyway, it comes as no surprise that so far our biggest plans involve dressing Owen up like Cupid and sending out incriminating pictures. We'll probably get take-out. Maybe watch an episode of Caprica. Lame is the new cool, right?

What about you? Impress me with your plans.


Tor said...

Lame old nothing here too.
Wow aren't you too young to have been together 18years!?

Ali said...

Ah, Tor, you're the best...

Missy said...

We don't do much for valentine's day either.

I look at is as a day for Jeff to reflect more than he usually does about how much he loves me.

Of course I do the same. Only I reflect about how much I love him.

The other way would be too egotistical doncha think?

Um, yeah you need to e-mail pictures of the boy dressed a cupid right away.

Fraulicious said...

Two things that are guaranteed on Valentine's day: We will not give each other cards/gifts/flowers and we won't go out to dinner. We are V-day non-believers, I guess. There is a chance of my getting flowers any other day of the year, though, so I know I am very lucky.