Friday, January 15, 2010

Stay away from those Slave Leias, kid.


Wait, I'm late? What? Aw, crap.

I've really got to get more regular about posting. Especially if I want things like "readers" and "cash flow". Hope everyone rang in the New Year - new decade! - with all the requisite bells and whistles and balls and booze. Our New Year's Eve consisted of Chinese delivery and a disappointing Battlestar. Apparently Matt woke up for the Big Moment, but me? Slept right through it. Which is something, considering where we live. I yelled at him for not waking me up but he said he knew better. True, dat.

I now have a 2-year-old and you know, it's pretty cool. I keep waiting for the tantrums and the boundary testing, but aside from a definite uptick in anxiety things are pretty smooth. (Okay, about that anxiety... My son, who never met a stranger he didn't want to hug, now spends a good portion of his day recounting a scare he had a few weeks ago when overwound 5-year-old tried his damndest to terrify my kid. And guess what? It worked. Now whenever Owen sees someone with a scarf on their head - hello, winter! - he goes hysterical. Shaking, sobbing, the whole heartbreaking 9 yards. It's so hard being 2.) Still, 90% of the time things are easy, or at least rewarding. And even though he's all mama looks-wise, he's mini-Matt when it comes to interests. We spend hours playing with his Star Wars figures. "Ham Sowo" and "Fee-Da-Peeo" (C-3PO) are top hits. It's only a matter of time before they hit ComiCon together.

In other news, they've started doing separation trial runs at nursery school in preparation for pre-school next year and yes, I'm already wigging out. It's so hard to leave my kid! Even though I totally want to leave my kid! We separated for a half-hour this week and of course Owen was completely fine. But going from mama/baby to suddenly solo (even for 30 minutes) felt different than just leaving him with Matt or with a friend. It made me start to think about things. Stuff like "What do I do with my time once he's in school?" and "I really need to find a job" and "When did I get so old?"

Hmm. Methinks I'm in a mood. And how are things with you?

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BusyBody said...

And they told us that child birth would be the hardest thing we ever did! Seriously, the separation is harder on us than it is on them, even when they don't cry.

Your little sweetie sounds adorable. Love every minute--it goes by in a blink. Tomorrow he'll be off to college. Then what will you do with your time? :)