Friday, December 4, 2009

Does this mean I write off dinner at Shake Shack?

So I ran across a book about blogging called "Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch". It's filled with tips for creating interesting blog posts. Good idea, right? But here's the thing - I'm DYING to know what you had for lunch. That kind of little stuff fascinates me. I mean, sure, reading about every tedious moment of every tedious day isn't necessarily a recipe for success but the voyeur in me is fascinated by how other people spend their days. So if you want to tell me what you had for lunch, go right ahead. I had 2 spinach tortillas, one filled with mozzarella, turkey, and peach salsa, the other with cheddar, regular salsa, and lettuce. I am also on my 3rd cup of caffeine, which might explain my interest in minutia.

In other news, I'm doing my first celebrity interview on Monday. In honor of the occasion I bought a digital recorder that I have no earthly idea how to use. I don't think the actual interview will go badly - the magazine has already approved the questions and his wife, whom I'm also interviewing, seems very nice - but I'm definitely swimming in deeper water than I'm used to. But it's exciting. I didn't think I'd get this far when I signed up for that magazine writing class, that's for sure. Cross your fingers for me.


Bern said...

Merde, merde on your interview. Congrats!

PS. Haven't had lunch yet, but had coffee and toast with honey for breakfast.

Missy said...

Fingers are crossed for the interview.

Lunch today was Chipotle. Had a sald with chicken, fresh tomato salsa (extra half scoop for good measure) and half cheese. I hate to do half cheese, but calories and fat are no longer my friends.

Can you fed ex me a black and white shake from the shake shack? So so yummy. I am ready to come back to NY.

Missy said...

uh make that a salad. Not a sald.

Missy said...
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Ali said...

Miss, we can't wait to have you back. And Bern, get your tail here too.

Missy said...

I think the association for play therapy conference is in NY next year, I have wanted to go for so long. Hmm....

Anonymous said...