Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Angry shroud cookies. Not turds.

It's HALLOWEEN! Or at least it was 3 days ago. My kid's still recovering. Want to terrify my toddler? Just answer your door wearing an Edvard Munch scream mask.

It was a pretty scary day for little guys all around. We tried to go to our building's Halloween party but after 3 minutes of darkness and masks and strobe lights everyone under the age of 2 was DONE. We tried to relax at home with some Playdoh but someone (ahem) decided to stick the entire lid in his mouth. (Think it's not possible to choke on a Playdoh lid? Wait until it gets rammed down your toddler's throat when they try to close their lips. So much for vaguely distracted supervision...)

Terror aside, he loved being a bee! We've worn that costume every day for the past 2 weeks and he shows no sign of tiring which is great, especially since it means we get to have conversations like this.

Me: "Hey bub, what does a bee say?"
Owen: (wiggling his hips back and forth) "WOCKA-WOCKA!"

I have no idea how Fozzie got into the mix but I'm not about to say anything. That level of awesome shouldn't be corrected.

Just like two peas in a pod! (Or bees in a boat, as the case may be.)


In other news, Random House has posted a book trailer on Matt's website! (Who knew books had trailers?) There should be a video Q&A up soon too, if you want to see Matt in action. Unfortunately Powerless got bumped from Borders' front table by those Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (drat!) but he just got a killer review from Publishers Weekly so that helps soften the blow. My Babble piece keeps bringing out the haters (the comments started out so nice...) but I did manage to snag a job from ever-awesome Time Out New York Kids. I'll be interviewing two of my former college classmates about what it's like to raise a family of 4 in NYC. (Naptime. How?) Two other big-deal parenting mags are also hanging on to some pitches so fingers crossed, crossed, crossed. Diapers must be bought!


Tor said...

Did you really make those angry poop things? They are great! LMAO

Ali said...

I did! They're actually gray (thus, less poo-like) and fairly tasty, if you can forget the fact that you're eating approximately 3 bottles of food coloring.

Missy said...

Those are the best Halloween treats ever. I need the recipe for next year. Treats that look like poo but aren't...4th grade gold I tell ya.