Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's cold. It's raining. Got a kid nursing some low-level yuckiness in the form of yet another cold. Time to cheer myself up with some THINGS ALISHA LOVES!

- A Day on the Farm by Nancy Fielding Hulick and John P. Miller

Yes it totally perpetuates gender stereotypes and negates the day-to-day struggles of farm life but curling up with this Little Golden Book is like sinking into a warm tub of Americana. I could spend hours with Farmer Brown and his family and their bucolic, Leave It To Beaver-y life. ("The big folks sit and chat on the front porch while the children play hide-and-go-seek. A harvest moon is rising over the fields.") Even if you aren't a sucker for nostalgia, the illustrations alone are worth a look. (10 points if you can identify half of the utensils in Mrs. Brown's kitchen.)

- Time Out New York Kids
And not just because they recently gave me an assignment. (April issue, here I come!)

- Awkward Family Photos
I could spend hours here. Hooooooours.

- Will Ferrell sunscreen
SPF 30 and Will Farrell's bare ass? Yes.

- Antique quilts...
like the one featured behind these two totally intimidating shop owners.

- Totally intimidating shop owners
As a rule, handlebar mustaches don't inspire me. But paired with the glasses and the slicked back 'do? I'm in. (Maybe it's the resemblance to Malcolm McDowell in Time After Time. I'll ask Freud.)

- J.D. Salinger
I'm currently re-reading The Catcher In The Rye and while I find Holden as aggravating as ever, there's something about the petulance of Salinger's characters that warms my heart. Plus I'm a sucker for any description of New York in the 40's. (E.B. White's Here Is New York, anyone?) But mostly I love J.D. for writing my favorite book of all time. (20 points if you can guess which one.)

- The dustbowl-meets-circus aesthetic of HBO's (sadly defunct) Carnivale

- Which is why I'm itching to try this place.

- Bangs.
Mostly because I can't have them.

- The new Stella McCartney line for GapKids
Why yes, I will be waiting in line (along with every other mommy in Manhattan) when these looks are unleashed. Just because I look like crap doesn't mean my kid has to.

- Pretty much anything Wade Robson choreographs on SYTYCD

- This awesome, awesome shirt.

Okay, off to do some real (read: paid) writing. Or take a nap. (Cue waking toddler...)


caramama said...

That is an awesome, awesome shirt. It will make the perfect gift for someone I know!

I'm guessing The Nine Stories, but that might just be because it's my favorite by him.

Ali said...

C - It is great, isn't it? I'm buying one too.

You know, I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't read Nine Stories. Need to get on that... I'm also going to admit, here and now, that Gatsby bored me. (I know that's Fitzgerald but, you know, same ilk.)

Missy said...

Franny And Zooey.

Ali said...

Ding-Ding-Ding! 20 points to Miss!

richard said...

Hey Punkin! It's papa and ms.Marie. We are in Malaga, Spain. Weather is good. had a great excursion to see the countryside and wine tasting. We also put $20 in the 2 cent slot machine and within 4 pulls won $225.00...and, we walked! How was halloween? It was fun on the ship...but, we were exhausted and were snoozing by 10:00 pm. Day at sea tomorrow and then the canary islands. My shoulder has been semi- a bummer so I have scheduled an hour of 'pain relieve'via acupunture! So, we will see! Otherwise, we are fine. The ship is nice, brand new and BIG! How's Matt and lil Will. I had to go through your flabbypants to contact you we're stupid on figuring out this internet system on the ship.. Not sure how to tell you to respond unless it is automatic when you reply. Guess we'll find out! love you, dadnMs.marie My google email is