Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cadbury eggs are the devil's candy

Um, not to jinx anything but little dude's been asleep for almost 3 1/2 hours now. Should I wake? Is it crazy to even consider waking? Did he get into the Benadryl and rum?


Doyce said...

You aren't using Benedryl and Rum already?

No wonder Kaylee slept better than Willem did early on.

Tor said...

wake? WAKE!?
Personally unless I have something important to take him to I never wake a sleeping bub and make the most of every bit of him sleeping that I can get.
OK I know some ppl say if you don't wake them from an arvo nap then it'll ruin bedtime/overnight, but with my kid it seems if I wake him for that reason then he'll stay awake extra late (and grumpy to boot) just to spite me. If he's gonna be awake late that night then I want a long break in the afternoon and a happier baby that night.
But that's just cos I am desperate. LOL.
So my advice? sit back and enjoy it as long as it lasts!