Friday, April 24, 2009

25 lbs of big, tall baby

I do it!

A gorgeous day! Finally! We've had a slew of chilly, rainy weeks so sun and seventy degrees is just what the mama ordered. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get out in it - I've got an appointment with an intake coordinator to start the process for Early Intervention with the boy. Nothing majorly major going on - he's just a little late in the walking department. We had his 15 month Well Baby this week and his doctor thought it might be a good idea to get him evaluated, just to make sure everything's working properly. Within the last few days he has started walking independently but it's still very much step-step-step... topple. If there's something really exciting to head for he can make it about halfway across a room, but he isn't exactly a machine. I found some parenting sites that were reassuring - lots of people writing in that their children weren't walking at 16 months - but, you know, this is New York. Having the only kid on the playground who isn't scampering leads to much unsolicited advice from the Tory Birch crowd. (I know those shoes are so last season but I still covet a pair.) Believe me, I've heard it all: force him to walk everywhere, get him better shoes, take him to baby yoga, tie a scarf under his armpits and hoist him up... The "all babies develop differently" mantra is starting to sound a touch tinny after so many repetitions.

So anyway, his doctor thought it couldn't hurt to have him evaluated. Maybe every state has these types of programs but they're new to me. Apparently someone comes to your house and evaluates everything - mental, physical - to determine where the kid is developmentally. Then, if need be, they'll hook him up with physical therapy. And it's all FREE. I felt a little hesitant at first but once they said free, you know I was in. I'm excited to see what they have to say.


Missy said...

Most likely everything is Ok, but heck it is free so it most certainly won't hurt anything to have a lil' look see.

I think most states do offer something similar to what NY does as far as free developmental screenings go. Kansas does. Once they turn 3 here, then typically the school district takes over.

We had to have #2 get a speech eval when she was 4 due to some stuttering concerns. They did pretty much a full developmental eval, not just speech. Everything was ok, but it was reassuring to see it in black and white I guess.

Hope it all goes well!

elisava said...

our first kiddo didn't walk until she was sixteen months old. and that was after we had just gone to a family reunion with lots of other kids around. i think that, when a baby doesn't have any siblings to model for her and doesn't go to school/day care, it just takes longer.
i wouldn't worry.

Suzannah said...

Early intervention services are totally normal and totally awesome...and free! Yeah for the government! Good luck. Go Will!

Valerie said...

I'm sure he'll be walking by college... :)

That clever bon mot was never that helpful. And we have 4 year olds who still sleep with us. I should blog about that, or anything, shouldn't I....

Anonymous said...

Ali- Bailey was late to walk (approx 16 mos or so), but when she finally decided to she TOOK OFF! So watch out. But it never hurts and FREE is always good. K-la