Monday, December 15, 2008

I think I'm actually hung over this morning.

I'm working on the big-ass birth story. Who knew I was so long-winded? (Hands down, please.)

In the meantime, I think you should write your birth stories. I know of at least two of you with stories that trump mine hands down. (Looking at you, Missy and Pursued.) And for those without kids, feel free to make one up. (Hello, Gunderman.)


EBPitcher said...

Already wrote about mine on my blog So I'll just share the link: (not sure how to make that active hyperlink). Might not be as gory as some, but it's all I've got. And I'm pretty proud of it. I have to say, though, that those women who go "au natural" are my heroes. The pain was bad enought with an epidural! Can't wait to hear yours! You always make me laugh! Maybe you should a be comedy writer instead of an actress?!?

Elizabeth said...

Here's mine!

Dan G said...

I barfed my kid up and didn't bother to blog about it.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I have two, then.

Emma and Logan



I've been waitin' all year for yours!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

You may want to read them in the opposite order, since Caitlin's birth is the reason the twins birth went the way it did.

elisava said...

parenting with a hangover sucks. the only thing i can think of worse is parenting a toddler while incredibly pregnant and tired with her sibling... because at least you know a hangover will be gone tomorrow!

i don't rock a blog, so here's my birth stories sloppy:

baby #1:
water broke in early morning during a snow storm. drove to hospital, screamed in horror at even the thought of trying to get into that "warm, realxing bath." pitocin and epidural followed. epidural worked on only one side??? (my cousin said the same about her births) lengthy labor, FORCEP delivery (*shiver* to even think about it now, those things looked like freddy krueger's hands). baby's apgars good, but she still has a forcep marked forehead.

fast forward two, peeing-my-pants years later...
contractions started late at night. watched spiderman 3 on DVD with hubby, buddled up baby #1, went hospital (baby #1 went to grandmas). water broken by doctor. that, by the way, is very bad. i yelled "FUCK", and i never even did that during delivery #1. labor was relatively quick, epidural still only worked on one side??? quick vaginal delivery.

so there is it! i would like to take advantage of your readers and ask a menstrual question... would you mind? i hope you are feeling better. try some hair of the dog if you haven't already!

Bern said...

Here goes;

Baby #1;
REALLY, really wanted a "natural" birth. Had a doula and a skeptical OB. Totally knew I could do it (I was a dancer for cryin' out loud! I could handle pain). But when I was a week late my OB recommended induction. You all can see where this leads, right? Straight down 24-hour-labor, cesarean-section road. Oh, oh and the best part was that my OB, who recommended I get induced, wasn't even on call at the hospital that day. So I had not one, but two different doctors I'd never seen before (they were very sweet little men who had to stand on stools to do my C-section). PS. She was 9lbs 8oz.

So with #2 I expected another C-section (fine at least I'll be prepared for the TOTAL suckiness of it). Except, different doctor, different hospital. THIS OB has a V-BAC (vaginal birth, after c-section) obsession. There is a framed portrait of him hanging in the OB wing. So, this time I had a totally managed, pain free vaginal delivery (they broke my water, I had an enema, they screwed the thing into to top of #2's head...). It ROCKED! The only freaky part was when my OB dragged the ultrasound machine over to check if I was having twins. But that was just because #2 was 10lbs, 12.5oz and 23 inches long.

Missy said...

My show is over tomorrow. I will do my best to post the birth story soon. I had better do it on my blog though, or the ad police will call upon me again for failing to post once a week. Can't wait to see your story!

Ali said...

Thanks to all and keep 'em coming! (Although how I'm going to compete with Bern's... 10 lbs. 12.5 oz?! Jeebus!)