Wednesday, November 5, 2008


First off, I feel like the meat in a sandwich of awesome. (Although McCain's concession speech left me a little weepy because you could tell he'd been crying. ) Still, thrilled for Obama. It was like New Year's Eve times twenty in the city. Horns, shouting, confetti... Awesome.

Now back to your regularly scheduled whine.


elisava said...

i'm sorry (well, i'm not) but FUCK john mccain's "well, you voted for the historic black man, so i guess i'll just crawl back to the senate to die while consolling myself with my MILLIONS OF DOLLARS" speech. we don't owe you a presidency for a "life-time of service", old man. at least he had the decency to try to curb the barack-booing. what a classy crowd. there were like fifty people in that phoenix hotel, and the were just the sorest losers. whew, i am so glad we dodged the bullet of having those people in charge!
and how about that colin powell? now, that was a damn fine speech yesterday. pity he won't run.
sorry to hijack your blog. i am very happy the way things turned out. oh, and tell us more about celebrity sightings. that is way interesting to land-locked hicks like myself.

...Sharon said...

I too, feel you are way too nice about McCain. He simply sold his sole to the evils of our country and unless his choice of Palin was a convoluted way of throwing the race I too would be very happy with not seeing him around for a while. He's become such a creepy caricature of various comic villains. He gave no consideration as to what would happen to our country in his absence with Palin in charge - which clearly shows how self absorbed he is.

And the only thing I'll ever have in common with Sarah Palin is that we were both weepy during the concession speech and throughout the day yesterday - but clearly for different reasons. Mine were bright, shiny tears of joy.