Saturday, September 20, 2008

Enough with the griping! Time for THINGS ALISHA LOVES!

Hollister Hovey -

The hipsters (and now the NY Times) are all over Hollister these days but I like to think I knew her when. (I only discovered her a few weeks ago - thanks, N! - but hey, I found her before the NY Times!) If you love all things eclectic and artsy and WASP-y in a Gatsby way (or if, like me, you've been searching for perfume that makes you smell "like a sexy fireplace") you'll love her.

Final Fantasy -

Not the game, just the name. Final Fantasy is the musical creation of a gay boy from England named Owen but that's not why I dig it. (Although I totally dated a guy for his accent once...) He plays all the instruments and strings them together via computer which sounds very techno and blah, but since Owen's background is solidly classical and his instruments are of the cello/violin/harpsichord variety, it ends up sounding really gorgeous and great. Itunes these, please: Many Lives - 49 MP and Your Light Is Spent.

Revo Baby -

Politically charged slogans for tots can be hit or miss, but Revo Baby does it right. Slogans like "I Will Not Be Pacified!" and tiny Obama tees are fabulous for the young and righteous, but my personal faves are the limited editions. I've got an Einstein in turquoise (time to size up!) but I'm also eyeballing the Mohammad Ali. (I'm still kicking myself for not picking up the Salvador Dali. Now discontinued!)

Really good vegan treats -

I'm not vegan but that doesn't stop me from appreciating a fine, butter-free baked good. Two plucky gals have set up shop at our nearby farmer's market (they also have a real store in B'klyn), offering one hell of a double chocolate muffin. (BTW, what's the difference between a muffin and a cupcake? Frosting?) The carrot cupcake at Babycakes is also pretty sweet if you're into that sort of thing. And I'm totally into that sort of thing.

Farmers markets with cappuccino machines -

Some genius chick set up an espresso machine at our farmer's market and is selling made-to-order coffee drinks from her stand. It's a crisp 65 degrees, apples and pumpkins abound, her coffee is organic and fair trade, her cups are compostable, and she's cheaper than Starbucks. All hail entrepreneurship!

Autumn's approach -

Love me some cooler temps, not to mention the layering possibilities...

Abreva -

After Friday night's non-sleep, I totally have a cold sore. Luckily I still have a squeeze left in my tiny tube of Abreva. ($20 for a tube the size of my thumb nail?!) Can't afford Abreva? Rub an ice cube on the sore several times a day. It's awkward and not quite as fast as the $20 dealie, but it works.

These guys -

* Skip the next few posts if you're sick of reading sleep-related grumping. Trust me, I'll understand.


Dan G said...

Hey, find out if those plucky vegan bakers went to Sarah Lawrence.

Ali said...

I suspect SLC was rife with vegan bakers...

Dan G said...

Well, it was, but I know of a couple of sisters from SLC that started a vegan bakery, and I'd heard that they were taking off. Just wondering if it's them.

Ali said...

I'll ask!