Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thanks to N. for the heads up

I'm thinking this above the crib

Looking for a onesie featuring a squirrel playing the drums? A "Raised By Wolves" baby tee? Stuffed animals you'd never let your kid near, due to their spectacular awesomeness? (Hey, the kid doesn't get to have everything.) Check out ReformSchoolRules, a definite Code Red if you're trying to keep a hold of ye olde purse strings. Imagine the best of Etsy, only easy to navigate.

Keep your mitts off, kid.

They have a great range of prices which appeals to Superthrifts like me but if you're looking to splurge, they can help you with that too. (I'll be splurging on this hilarious $6.50 card, thank you very much.) If you've got a big night coming up, I highly recommend the vintage-y headbands. They don't come cheap, but neither do you.

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