Monday, August 18, 2008

A quick off-topic

I was reading an article on the Olympic swimmer Dara Torres - you know, the "middle aged" one (I'm having trouble coming to terms with the fact that 41 is middle aged considering I'm mumbles into hand). It was talking about the fact that she spends roughly $100,000 a year on her training staff. (Chiropractor, physical therapist, 2 massage therapists, and a nutritionist.) Now who am I to say what's outrageous (I once paid $21 for a bag of farmer's market microgreens) but $100K doesn't sound like that big a deal as a yearly salary for five people. For the record, that's the starting salary for a well-educated, full-time (and sadly, white) nanny in this city. (Before you hop on a plane, read The Nanny Diaries. I've seen those mommies. That shit was fact.)

Another eye opener: According to the owner of Manhattan Private School Advisors, it's one in 11 that gets into Harvard, and one in 15 that gets into New York's elite pre-schools.


Colleen said...

My husband keeps teasing me about Dara, and her abs even though she has a baby, and why don't I swim that fast when I'm ONLY 36, etc. I think she's just showing off.

Kidding, kidding--I've seen her interviews and she seems very gracious. She must be pretty well off, too--my husband and I combined will never begin to approach 100K a year.

Ali said...

DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THOSE ABS. Between the celebrity moms and those damned Olympians I'm having a serious talking-to with my tummy.

(As far as money, her husband's a doctor and she's got endorsements. She also did something high-paying outside of Olympic life. And I'm with you on not touching $100K. Maybe I should rethink the whole not-nannying thing.)

Amanda said...

Wait! I should be getting paid WHAT to nanny?!? DAMMIT!!