Thursday, August 21, 2008

My preeminent fashion icon is Justin Timberlake 'cause mister's ass is fiiiiine.

I'm constantly looking for freelance writing work (and by "constantly" I mean "eh") so when I saw that a new online style blog was looking for writers, I gravitated. They wanted short, quippy, zingy - all "yeps" in my book. Then I read further:

PinkMemo - New York edition coming this fall! We are looking for a freelance New York Editor to contribute to the memo and daily blog. If you’re a social media savvy fashionista, with a penchant for properly pleasing the most fastidious faficionado, then we delightfully ask you to surreptitiously submit your resume most promptly.

I thought I had a lock on overwritten alliteration but I think I've been trounced. What the hell is this even saying? How do you "surreptitiously" submit your resume? And what's a "faficionado"? (Spellcheck PinkMemo. Spellcheck.) But because I like to write (and to get paid for it) I was able to overcome the awfulness. Until I saw the quiz.

1. Who is your preeminent fashion icon and why? 2. What is your opinion on online media, and who are most influential online media shakers today? 3. Pick, one of these words that best represents you: Fashion, Style, Luxury, and why?

I'm tempted to supply some seriously bullshit answers. Whether that temptation will translate into actual answering remains to be seen. Say, who's YOUR preeminent fashion icon? I'm not saying I'm going to steal your answer, I'm just, you know, saying.

*And what's up with this "Send us your rate" bullshit that all these online jobs are using? How about you tell me how much you're paying and we'll go from there, mmmm'kay?


Woman with a Hatchet said...

I thought the fafacionado was a play on FAshion ficionado.

You should BS the heck out of it and see what happens. Why not? Also, don't send them your rate. Tell them your rate is commensurate with your experience and the demands of the job and that you'd be happy to entertain their offers. Never name a price first.

Looks like I live with a lawyer, doesn't it?

They're just trying to get people to lowball themselves and then cherry pick the numbers they like best.

Ali said...

Oh yeah, that legalese is a total keeper. Marking that down for future reference...

Guess I have to do that quiz, huh?

Elizabeth said...

Whenever anyone asks me my style icon I always just say Jackie O, she's a safe bet :)

pursuedbyabear said...

Katharine Hepburn. Do teenagers today even know who that is... shit I'm old.