Thursday, August 7, 2008

I also like cheese

Because the little guy's decided that now is as good a time as any to start testing limits (I da boss! I da boss! I seven months old! I DA BOSS!) I've decided to ignore all things baby and turn to something far more interesting: Eating. New York Magazine has been on a food kick recently and I have been taking notes.


- Brioche bread pudding made with bananas, bacon-infused maple syrup, bacon brittle, and a gently melting scoop of rum-vanilla ice cream (Sweet and savory combos get me every time... Dovetail)

- Salad of brussels-sprout leaves with salty serrano ham and slivers of sweet Bartlett pear, bound with a thin layer of cauliflower puree (That would be NY Magazine's description and I like it, like it, like it. Again, Dovetail)

- A glass (or two) of '98 La Tache Burgundy - $1,840 per bottle (I really need to go to Dovetail)

- The Ginger Peg - A mix of homemade ginger ale with brandy and orange bitters (According to NY Mag, it's irresistible. Who am I to argue? Freemans)

- Pan-Asian affogato: high-octane espresso dripped, in the Vietnamese style, into a cup of crushed cocoa and condensed-milk ice cream (I would be up all night, and it would be worth it. Wakiya at the Gramercy Park Hotel)

- An off-the-menu ice cream confection composed of toasted almonds and three scoops of vanilla, piled with shavings of black truffle, and drizzled with warm, salty butterscotch sauce (I want to be the kind of woman who doesn't blink at ice cream mixed with fungus. Alto)

- Chocolate bread pudding (prepared by a former pastry chef at Le Cirque) drowned in creme anglaise (Nothing left to be said. The Dessert Truck)

- Vanilla ice cream made from local, hormone-free milk using a bourbon-and Tahitian bean extract aged for four months in vodka-filled oak barrels from a onetime Good Humor man, sold from a refurbished ice cream truck (I saw this guy on my weekly trek to Trader Joes and had no idea he actually sold ice cream from it. "Would you like to try our ice cream?" seemed like a ruse. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream)

- Raspberry donut (What's not to like? Almondine Bakery)

- Southern Godfather - tea, mint leaves, sugar, whiskey, almond liqueur (make it at home. I'll send you the recipe)

I think I need to do some sit ups just from writing about all this.

Spill it. Got any last meals?

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