Friday, August 8, 2008

Five weeks?!

For those of you 15 minute stars in your eyes, there is now a reality TV school.

A school.

Oh no. Oh yes.

It purports to teach you how to "get noticed!" (their exclamation point, not mine) in the wild and wooly world of pretending to be yourself. All it takes is five weeks of your life and $299 (note: they say nothing about having an actual skill) and you're good to go.

Week 3 and 4 - On Set Training and the Audition Tape:

Students will explore on set behavior and will also learn how best to make a tape for submission with hands on exercises and the shooting of an actual tape. We will show how to make the camera work for you once you are on set and further explore: blocking, staging, wardrobe details and personally tailoring your look to your advantage. Students will continue to be trained in improvisation technique as well.

The next session is already sold out. Which is... is appalling the word I'm looking for?

There has got to be a way to get paid for infiltrating this. How do I get a magazine to bite?


blondandeffective said...

Speaking of jobs...I just discovered this site today through indieWIRE, a film-related daily email newsletter.

Hope this helps!

Ali said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Valerie said...

I would need longer than 5 weeks to learn how to play me.

I mean, I'm like, so complex, and everything.