Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome to 2006

I've recently done something I'm none too proud of. Something that I swore I wouldn't do. Something that not only wastes my time but... okay, it pretty much just wastes my time.

I joined Facebook.

For someone who lives to Googlestalk (I'm not too proud to admit my failings) Facebook is the shit. Not only can you waste a lot of time tracking people down, you can waste a lot of time tracking people down. It's like going to a reunion - without actually having to go to the reunion!

Bye-bye book I've been meaning to write. So long, sink full of dishes. Facebook is my new god now.


Missy said...

So glad you came out about facebook. I have been a member since April. I initially joined for networking purposes.

I have yet to really network.

Found anyone good?

Manager Mom said...

I am one of Facebook's bitches, too. Wanna friend me and stuff?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

OK, I have a basic Facebook question: do you sign in as yourself or do you go incognito? If you go in as yourself, I'm assuming that's how people you actually know can find you.

Except that I'm attempting (hah!) to keep the Hatchet World somewhat separate from the "real" world. So if I were interested in joining FB, would I have to go in barefaced for there to be ANY point to it whatsoever?