Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will practices crawling in his sleep.

Will is 6 months old and really, really cute. (I know this because homeless people always tell me so.) So what's life like around here, now that we've officially hit the half-year mark? Chewy. Shouty. Decidedly pre-crawly. Matt is betting the the little guy will be crawling by the end of the week but I'm not so sure. He's still a little uncertain about the whole butt-in-the-air thing and until he masters that I think we're safe. While crawling sounds adorable and all, I can't help thinking about the amount of childproofing we're going to have to do, not to mention the mopping... If he'd just stop licking the floors we'd be fine. (Wait, maybe I should encourage floor licking. Vomiting baby vs. less mopping. I'd say it's a draw.)

Solid food is going well. So far we've done rice cereal and prunes. (If you've ever fed a baby large amounts of rice cereal you'll understand the prunes.) I'm hoping to introduce avocados soon. I'm still sketchy on this whole solids thing. We're continuing his regular feedings - 8 oz. 4 times a day - and following it with cereal twice a day, but I'm not sure when to drop the cereal. Is he supposed to be eating solids along with every feeding? When do I cut back the feedings to 3 times a day? I know formula is supposed to be his main source of nutrition for the first year but should he still be getting a full 8 oz. if I'm following it with babyfood? (Or am I supposed to be leading with babyfood? Oy.) I know, I know, it's not brain surgery - I was looking at my baby book when I was home and apparently I started solids at 3 months. (My mother started them at 2 months) - but as we all know I'm not a fan of winging it. Having a baby is the universe's way of getting me to release the reigns, I guess.

The universe obviously hasn't met me...

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