Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm home!

After a long, long, looooong week of traveling (2 states, 4 different houses, 5 plane trips) I am happy to be back in this stinky, dirty, wonderful town. Traveling is exhausting, man. I need a vacation from my vacation.

Some highlights:

- Watching Will meet his great-grandma for the first time. (He promptly bit her. No finger is safe around this kid.)
- Seeing Missy and Jeff, even if only for 20 minutes. I'm not saying Will peed on their floor... (He totally peed on their floor.)
- EATING. As soon as my toes touch Midwestern soil I chow, peeps. (Saturday's menu: Breakfast: 3 blueberry pancakes with syrup, 2 sausage links. Lunch: a chicken kebob, 1 hotdog (minus the bun. They get in the way), cole slaw, baked beans, 2 bites of Matt's hamburger, 1 chocolate cupcake, assorted snatches of gooey butter cake (it's not a real slice if you're just nibbling, right?). Dinner: 2 vegetable kebobs, a hamburger (no bun, natch), cole slaw, beans, more gooey butter cake... I think there was some wine...


My beloved schedule went to hell in a handbasket. There is nothing like traveling to make a Type A personality feel realllllly clenchy. Delays. Feeding schedules. TIME ZONE CHANGES. You thought I was neurotic before? You should see me when my day is off by an hour. If you really want to see me geared up, add in a little infant constipation to the mix. Good times. Can't wait to do it all again at Christmas.


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Missy said...

Your son can come pee on my floor anytime. Better baby pee than anything the animals can (and have) left on our floor.

We wish the visit could have been longer too, but alas we will just wait until Christmas I guess!

And don't forget that we will be in your town next summer. We just have to hammer out when exactly, and decide if it will be a grown ups only trip, or if we will include the littles. Glad you all got home safely.