Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If only we had a wetnurse...

After many months of pregnancy and baby-having and colic and tiny apartment living and no sleep, Matt and I have decided to treat ourselves to a romantic getaway. Nothing fancy - no chartered planes to Napa or anything. Instead, we've booked ourselves a hotel. That's right friends, we're so desperate to get away we're staying in a hotel in the city where we live. We're not even able to say overnight - the kid still wakes up at 4 am. (Which sounds very smutty and "by the hour" of us, come to think of it. If only we were that cool.) Unfortunately there's no escaping that early morning call of duty, which practically kills me seeing as how the Westin is known for their Heavenly Beds. It was crazy expensive, but can you really put a price on romance? (Ask me again when that credit card bill arrives.)

Want to hear the best part? My husband, being the charming sort, spoke to the reservations manager and not only did she change the date of our stay (there was a bit of a frack up on my end with coordinating babysitting duties. Thanks a million, Amanda, for coming through!) but she upgraded us to a SPA ROOM!

Three words: shiatsu massage chair.

I may never leave.


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Good for you!

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