Friday, May 23, 2008

And they dim the lights when they draw your blood

The common cold is kicking our collective asses here at chez bebe. Will was up at 3:30 am coughing and cooing and generally unable to resettle. I was hoping to boob him back to sleep but sucking and breathing simultaneously wasn't happening. (suck-suck-suck, big gulp of air, suck-suck-suck...) Matt gets one hell of a gold star for going above and beyond with the daddy duties last night. Not only did he let the kid rest on his shoulder for hours on end but he got up with him at 5:45 am, fed him, and put him down for his first nap, all so I could get a few more hours sleep. (Seeing as how I'd spent the night snotting all over the sofa - how can a nose be both congested and runny? - it was much appreciated.)

I had my first post-baby physical yesterday and it was just as fun as I remembered. I recently switched primary care physicians and am now seeing baby W's doc at the Continuum Center. As I mentioned, the place is seriously big with the the woo-woo which my latent internal hippie loves but man, they take medical history questions to a whole new level. The form was 15 pages long.

Front and back.

A sample: "How many carbonated beverages do you consume?", "Do you have a regular spiritual/meditation practice?", "Have you ever had Mayan Uterine Massage?"

Remember, this is a place that offers leech therapy.

While I have yet to consider leech therapy (or mayan uterine massage) I love the fact that I could. (And if insurance covered it, I might. The comedy!)

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Woman with a Hatchet said...

Duuuude. Leave my uterus alone! It has had enough hands inside of it over the course of two pregnancies. Thanks!