Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The World According To Will

Tummy time suuuuucks.


Valerie said...

:) Does it really do anything?

The boys didn't like it either. I think I put them down for tummy time all of 3 days I think. Then we just waited til they could roll over on their own. After that there was no stopping them.

I think they've recovered from my neglect. Now I'm just giving them fodder for therapy.

Laura said...

Sucked here too. My son just got really really pissed and screamed at me to correct this impossible situation.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Yup, they hated it, but did it anyway. After awhile, they even liked it, when they had better body control and could grab toys in front of them.

Besides, ya gotta put 'em down sometime so it might as well be on their stomach.

Missy said...

My kids hated it too. But is important for all those muscle development reasons, AND there is some reason to believe apparently that tummy time for babies can help reduce the occurance of sensory processing issues.