Saturday, February 23, 2008


Wait a minute, wait a minute... WHAT?!

So Britney will be allowed to see her kids again. I know I've beaten this horse 'til the cows have come home but WHAT DOES THIS WOMAN HAVE TO DO TO LOSE CUSTODY?

In other celebrity "news", Christina Aguliera said that she decided to have a c-section because she was afraid of tearing during delivery. As someone who required a full 45 minutes of reconstructive surgery due to 4th degree ripping (I'm never finishing that birth story) I can understand, but I'm not sure that sporting a gigantic scar across your oh-so-famous belly (not to mention dealing with some serious recovery time) is a better deal. If I were a betting woman I'd guess that her decision had less to do with tearing and more to do with a post-op tummy tuck, but that's just me.

Not much new on this end. Baby's in the Bjorn, hubby feels like a leper. (Poor guy.) I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon for the first time since Will was a zygote. (I think I was 6 weeks pregnant or some such nonsense.) Of course they're calling for a huge winter storm but if you think that'll come between me and a 5 minute scalp massage (and a $25 cut) you're sadly mistaken. I might even hit this place while I'm out for one of their fine-ass chocolate croissants. (A full bar of organic Venezuelan chocolate in each one!) If I'm gonna do it, I might as well do it up right, right? I've decided my new mantra (although I'm still partial to Hatchet's "It's only temporary") is "Things are getting better and bound to improve." Will's definitely getting cuter and much more interactive, and soon he'll be better able to self-soothe so we can start sleep training. (Although I think I'm going to adopt Val's technique and call it sleep "learning". It'll help me stay kinder.)

By the way, if we've got any Obama supporters in the hizzouse (Clintonites, McCainers, Huckabeans, please don't abandon me. I don't care who you're voting for, as long as you vote) check this out.

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Missy said...

If by losing custody you mean losing all parental rights, it takes a REALLY long time, even for parents who don't have unlimited funds at their disposal. I have seen kids waiting for three years or more for the rights of their parents to be severed after the parents have repeatedly shown that they are not going to be able to get it together sufficiently to parent their children. I would be very surprised if that happened in Britney's case, one because she is rich as all get out, and second because the other parent seems to be able to do the job. At worst she will keep her rights intact, but only be allowed scheduled supervised visitation. I could see that happening if she continues to have what seems to be persistent and severe mental illness. Especially since the courts have already denied her visitation and put her under a conservator. Pretty good indicators that she has a heavy dose of mental illness going on. Not that any person couldn't have figured that one just by her actions alone.