Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya! Tomorrow!

Since today's the last of week 39, I suppose I should update. Surprisingly enough, week 39 isn't pretty much like week 38 only with more ____. It's actually been a little rough. I suppose that comes with the territory, what with my body trying to figure out how to get a (nearly) 8 lb. human out of me and all, but it's leaving me feeling a little less-than.

- I have officially left the marital bed. After two nights of teeth grinding, wide-eyed insomnia I've decided that the sofa is much more conducive to actual sleep. The back of it props me nicely so I don't have to keep doing battle with Pillow Mountain, and now that we've removed all traces of comfort from the bed (bye-bye pillow top mattress. So long, egg crate foam), I don't spend the night feeling like I'm on the slab. (Soft, enveloping bedding is a leading cause of SIDS, and while we don't plan on actually sleeping with the kid I'm certain a nap or two will take place. And even though we know the risk is slim, we ain't taking any chances.) Anyway, now that the soft is gone, THE HIPS AREN'T HAVING IT. Hopefully Matt is sleeping a little better too. Every time I get up to pee I hear a groggy "Wha-? You okay?" from the other side of the bed. (Trust me my love, you'll know if I'm not.)

- My body's freaking out a bit. Things that should be coming out aren't, and things that shouldn't... are. And that's all I'm going to say about that.


We went and saw what might be our Last. Movie. Ever on Sunday. The Golden Compass. I was pretty excited to see it. Not only did it feature my movie star boyfriend, Mr. James Bond, but it held the promise of watching Nicole Kidman try to act through a face full of Botox. Now that's entertainment!

Then I read the book.

Here's the thing: The book? Genius. Philip Pullman is crazy with the brilliance. The movie? Oy. Don't get me wrong, it sure is pretty. The acting's really good. But when an audience boos a children's movie, that's some serious suck.

*If I may crow for a moment - Philip Pullman's US editor? Also Matt's!


Missy said...

OOhhhh so exciting!!! I can hardly wait.

I will send birthly thoughts all day tomorrow!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

No! Noooo! Argh!

That comment's about the movie, not the hatching. I like the hatching.

What exactly sucked so bad that they boo'd it? Did they totally veer away from the book or what?

And it won't be your last movie ever! You'll just switch to renting for months and months. : )