Sunday, December 2, 2007

Still not dilated.

Halfway through week 38, which is pretty much like week 37 only with more random discomfort.

- The bag, she is packed! I'm still missing a few vitals: numbing spray (gah!), nipple shields (gah!), stool softeners (gah!) but the big ticket items are there. If there's anything you mama's found indispensable, let me know.

- I've gone a little Martha recently with the cleaning and organizing. Last night I spent a good hour organizing - wait for it - the tool chest. I blame the writer's strike. There's only so much "Bringing Home Baby" a girl can watch.

- Nightmares. Crazy, horror-freakshow nightmares. Really, do I need more trouble sleeping?

- I've been hitting the prenatal yoga classes and enjoying the hell out of them. ("Stretch to the left and... relax. Rotate your ankles and... relax." What's not to love?) We were talking about the stuff people have said to us throughout our pregnancies - we've all had something - but one poor woman took the cake. A co-worker actually came up to her and said, "You're pregnant, right? I can tell by the size of your ass."



Laura said...

I have to tell you that that serious desire to clean and organize is a good indication that the time is coming quickly. I was obsessed with our refrigerator a few days before my son was born.

Ali said...

I'm SO obsessed with cleaning my fridge! OBSESSED!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

That's just WRONG! I hope that woman ripped her co-worker a new one!

Missy said...

I spent the day organizing the nursery both times I went in to labor.

Ooohh this is so exciting!

BTW, #1 was a little disappointed possum wasn't born on her birthday yesterday. She believes that all babies due in December should come on the 2nd.