Monday, December 3, 2007

9 more days

Possum is still happy as a clam scootched up by my ribs. Although I've successfully avoided going back to the gym, I haven't given up my quest to get this guy going. I'm rocking, rolling my hips, visualizing optimal birthing positions... You name it, mama's done it. Well, most of it.

At prenatal yoga class today my teacher recommended a new technique: Shining a flashlight down there.

Yes, there.

At this stage babies are very attracted to light and studies have shown that if you shine a bright light on your stomach they will gravitate towards it. Shining a bright light up your woot is just taking that trick a step... further. Babies are also attracted to sound so Matt is supposed to talk to the little guy.


Both the teacher and one of the moms-to-be swore by this. The mother said that during her first delivery her baby wouldn't budge so she actually had a team of doctors gathered around her, talking to her crotch. (Where was that video during Childbirth Education?)

Prenatal yoga class? $15
Convincing your husband to talk to your vagine? Priceless.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

I so totally wanna know if that works!

Missy said...

That was also something that was suggested to get a breech baby to turn.

The answer is NO to both questions.

Amanda said...

Ummm - you know I love you both very much but I definitely did NOT need to read about my uncle talking to your vagina. I mean, I know how you ended up in a "womenly way" and all - and I can handle that - but him talking INTO your vag!!! Nope, that is not a visual I need.

I say - go with the flashlight. Or maybe a discoball? I mean, the kid is going to be a flamenco dancer after all.