Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Britney. Oh BRITNEY.

Why do I even care? Why do I care that she left her kids in the car so she could go chandelier shopping while being monitored by her court appointed parenting coach? Or that she was videotaped running a red light with her kids in the car? Or that she just failed her latest drug test? Seriously, why do I care?!

Because even with all this, she'll probably still get to keep the kids.

In the real world - the non-celebrity world - this would never happen. In the real world those kids would have been ripped away faster than a pair of velcro panties and it just steams me when laws get bent for famous people. Free clothing, party invites, private islands - fine, you can have 'em. But you don't get the laws too!

Oh it steams me. IT STEAMS ME.

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