Thursday, October 18, 2007

I ain't touching the head.

Ah yes, week 32. Down to the single digits, countdown-wise. Some highlights:

- My innie is officially out and proud. I feel like I should hand it a flag.
- While I've somehow managed to dodge those dreaded stretch marks, the varicose veins are here to stay. Dammit.
- Still no linea nigra which is fine by me. That thing freaks me out.
- Possum's in launch position. I look like I'm birthing a missile.
- Looking down, I'm still not sure how this whole thing's gonna work. (I know it stretches but shoulders, people. SHOULDERS.)

Baby swag has begun arriving, which is both glorious and terrifying. It's one thing to get stuff from friends or immediate family (being an only child, presents aren't entirely unusual) but this stuff - "acquaintance gifting", as it were - feels big. Maybe it's because it comes through the mail (or because it's not for me) but the fact that the baby will be here - and soon - is really starting to hit home. We're going to have a kid. One actually lives here. One that I will take care of without getting paid.

Deep breath in...

Finally started Possum's baby book. Because I refuse to spend $90 ($90!) on some fancypants pre-made jobbie, I decided to get crafty and make my own. I printed out my own questions, scribbled down long-winded, vaguely inappropriate stories... I think the kid'll appreciate it when he's older. Or he'll just do what I did and hijack the thing when he's eight and fill in his own answers.

A quick but full-throated shout-out to Miss Amanda for her hilarious (and spot on) take on life as my NPP. Couldn't have described it better myself. (For the record, bloody placenta pics? Why. WHY?)


ktbuffy said...

I just clicked through on that linea nigra link, mere milliseconds before considering that I might not WANT to click through a blog link here. Luckily, you have saved me from something much more damaging. I don't know what, but I'm FINE with that, thanks!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

The linea nigra is no big deal. Just hormones leaving a line that says "In case of emergency: cut here."

At least, that's what I'm guessing it's for.

Begin sappy moment.

You do get paid, though! Poop, pee, drool, spit up, vomit - all forms of payment! Not necessarily what you want? OK then, how about the world's softest skin and hair (if you make 'em with hair), the best possible smell in the world (when clean) and at 4-6 weeks smiles for YOU. They smile way before 4-6 weeks, but those are practice smiles and have nothing to do with you or they are happy milk/tummy smiles.

End sappy moment.

Eventually I plan on paying my children back by choosing an appropriately obnoxious birthday and waking them up every two hours ALL NIGHT LONG, just to see how they feel about it. Maybe I'll make them get me glasses of milk, just to drive the point home. Then again, I'm currently sleep deprived, so I may just be raving. : )

Valerie said...

I didn't really get a linea negra. I guess there wasn't enough melatonin in my skin for my hormones to pull from to create one.

I don't want to scare you but have you checked under your belly? (or had matt do it?) I thought I was making it pretty far with few to no stretch marks and then I somehow got a view in the mirror and I was like oh, that's where they went...

but maybe I come from stretchy people :)

Amanda said...

Ahhh the belly button popped!? All the exciting things happen after I leave.