Monday, October 29, 2007

Aw, geez.

So here I am, almost through my 33rd week. Six more weeks, my friends. I can't decide if that seems incredibly long or incredibly short...

Highlights of week 33:

- People still love to give me grief about the belly. To whit:

Obnoxious pre-school mommy: "I'm sorry but I think your doctor misdiagnosed you. There's no way you only have one in there. You're never going to make it to December. NEVER."

I know I'm supposed to play along and pretend to be amused, but the patience? She is DONE. My fuse is short, peeps, and it wasn't that long to begin with. This is the time where I should be feeling all mothery and full of love but mostly I'd just like to elbow somebody in the groin.

- Speaking of groin pain, what's up with the groin pain? Apparently my girth is putting pressure on some ligament-y thing (according to the chiropractor) which is what's been causing the excruciating, toe-curling, eyeball-watering pain that I've been experiencing lately. Imagine the worst charlie horse you've ever had, only in your groin, and you'll have some idea what I'm talking about.

- Getting started on our thank you cards. Why do I always come up with ideas that seem simple but end up taking half my life to complete?

- Sleep is getting harder. Ache-ier. I'd give my right ear to sleep on my back.

- Having some unusual cravings, namely oatmeal. I eat bowls. BOWLS! In one sitting! While I realize that binging on oatmeal is about as shocking as petting a cat, having experienced what that amount of oatmeal does to a person's innards... let's just say I do not recommend.

- The crib is still shoved into a corner and the hospital bag isn't even a thought. Probably ought to get on those, huh?


ktbuffy said...

Consider building the crib something fun and exciting the hubby can do while you're relaxing in the hospital post-childbirth, but before they give him to you to take home.

Although you should probably pack before then.

Missy said...

If it were me, I would pack the bag when you are at week 37.

It isn't a bad idea. Although hubby and I had a lot of laughs trying to get mine packed AFTER my water broke, and we were just two days into the new house, and couldn't find a damn thing we needed.

As for the crib, I recommend putting it together when you are ready to get labor going. Again I will bore you with a stroy about my first. Hubby put the crib together, I came in to admire his finished work, looked down and told squirt that we had her bed now so she could come out anytime. 30 minutes later my water broke. True story. I was at 38 weeks when that happened.

Also that loving everything nurturing stuff at this point? Two times and I was ready to rip heads off AND throw them over fences during the last trimester for both. So that is some man's myth I think.

Woman with a Hatchet said... you LIKE that pre-school mom? That's just WRONG. One does not tell a singleton mom that she looks like she's having twins. EVER.

I recommend bitch-slapping her.

Ooh, wait. Too much?

In that case, just look at her smugly and tell her that you are ensuring that YOUR son will be healthy. Then go read this:
Swistle's post on pregnancy weight gain. She rocks. It is clear that trying to NOT gain weight results in dire health issues for one's offspring and that your body and mine have a certain set point they strive for when it comes to pregnancy weight gain.