Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm really gassy too.

At 5 1/2 months pregnant, my life is about three things:

- Eating
- Battling insurance
- Sleeping

Here's the thing, according to those in the know (i.e. the internet) the first trimester is about barfing, the last is about surviving, but the second trimester? All about ENERGY. This is the good part - "I am pregnant, hear me roar" and all that. So why can I can no longer make it through the day without a siesta?

And by "siesta" I mean "two hour nap".

All I do is sleep. I sleep eight hours a night (well, the "sleep" part of sleep is debatable since for the past few months I haven't gone longer than an hour without waking up to reposition pillows or pee), followed by a mid-afternoon nap, and yet I'm still exhausted by the time I drag myself home. (The only reason I'm awake now is because I just demolished half a tub of tapioca pudding.) As a person who thrives on GTD (Getting Things Done) this lack of accomplishment is leaving me a touch panicky. (Not panicky enough to turn off Last Comic Standing mind you, just enough to feel really, really bad about it.) It's like every ounce of motivation has up and left the building. Normal, hard-working people - even hard-working pregnant people - do not give up everything in their life to nap. I keep telling myself that if I think I'm tired now, just wait till the kid gets here and that I should be using every spare minute to GTD, GTD, GTD but maybe deep-down I'm just plain lazy.

The book? The one I swore I'd have done by December?


The article I pitched to Dramatics?


Birth announcements? Baby books? Pregnancy essays?!


I'm not anemic. I'm (clearly) not sleep deprived. Tsetse fly? Ancient gypsy curse? Or is it really just the kid?


Missy said...

It's the kid. Growing a baby is hard work and it takes massive energy. Take the naps, this is one time you can get away with it. Everything will get done eventually. Just do it between naps, and try not to feel guilty. As One Who is Prone to Guilt About Most Anything (that is my alternate name) I understand how hard that is, so just do your best. Soon enough you will not be deciding when and for how long you sleep. Hang in!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I second that advice. It is just the kid.

Soon, you may consider selling your child for just a few more hours of sleep, so try not to feel guilty about napping now. Sleep will become the best drug ever. Better than food, better than sex. (Maybe that was just me.) Unfortunately, you can't just bottle up all of those naps to hold in reserve for the first 6 months after they are born.

Pity, that.

And the ultrasound image? Lovely!