Monday, July 16, 2007

A morning thought

Apparently I'm at the belly touching stage. You know the one I mean - the stage where complete strangers feel compelled to rub their hands all over your stomach like you're a lifesized, sweaty Buddha. I totally understand the impulse - I get the same desire around anyone with a buzz cut - but stomachs are different. Intimate. Granted, even in flatter times my stomach was always a bit of a touchy (bwa!) subject, but the way I see it, unless you're a close personal friend or family member, HANDS OFF. Maybe when I get bigger and the baby's closer to the surface it'll feel less invasive. Anybody else bothered by this?


Woman with a Hatchet said...

Something to consider:

Either pull yourself away (difficult when surprised) or TOUCH THEIR BELLY BACK.

That gets 'em every time.

Throwing in a HOW RUDE! would probably drive the message home. Depends. It is NY after all.

Missy said...

No, it won't go away that feeling of invasiveness. At least it never did from me.

Just kick 'em and blame it on the hormones.

Or you could apologize profusely and say that it is an automatic repsonse that happens when someone rudely invades your personal space.