Friday, July 13, 2007

Do I even need to mention mashed potatoes?


That is how many toaster waffles I have consumed today. Six. How can one person (okay, one- and-a-half persons) consume six waffles?!

Quickly and with glee, that's how.

Speaking of toaster waffles, now seems like the perfect time for THINGS ALISHA LOVES: PREGNANCY EDITION! Hold on to your hats! (Otherwise I might eat them.)

- Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List
While this has nothing to do with pregnancy per se, have you watched this? Hi-larious.

- Bringing Home Baby
I find this show tremendously comforting. It's shot documentary style so there's no annoying voiceover or sappy instrumental music getting in the way of my voyerism. The show deals with the each new family's fears and triumphs with surprisingly little interference which makes it feel surprisingly "real" considering it's, you know, "reality television". Refreshing and interesting.

- Bella Band
Here's my problem with maternity pants: while my belly is ready for more space, my ass isn't. This wonderful contraption holds up pre-pregnancy pants without pinching or chafing which means a) no more underwear-eating maternity jeans, and b) a few more months before succumbing to those hideous khaki mom-pris you see every pregnant lady wearing.

- Udderly sMOOth Udder Cream
A cashier at TJ's turned me on to this and I have to say, this is one fine mother of a moisturizer. While I have a sneaking suspicion this is just some sort of bizarro marketing ploy and not actual udder cream (it smells way too nice for cows) I can't help laughing every time I smear this stuff on my titties. It moisturizes the hell out of my bod without leaving the usual sticky, greasy residue and costs a whopping $2.99 at Trader Joe's.
* UPDATE: Did a little research on the ingredients. Unfortunately this lovely cream contains propylene glycol ("an industrial antifreeze"). I will now be removing it from my medicine cabinet, dammit.

- Liz Lange Maternity for Target
Two words: Surprisingly. Cute.

- H&M
God bless whoever decided that Maternity Chic was the look for Summer '07. You cannot beat this place for normal (read: non-maternity) clothes. Great, stretchy, fashion forward stuff at kick-ass prices.

- Nordic Naturals Fish Oil
Big on the fish oil but don't want that pesky mercury contamination bogging up your innerds? Nordic Naturals uses only small, low-mercury fish in their oil which renders it significantly safer than most other brands. Find it at your local health food store. (Be sure to refridgerate it or it'll go rancid. Trust me on this.)

- Craigslist
I WILL find a gently used stroller and glider/ottoman set here, I can just feel it.

- Sleep
Which is what I need right. now.

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